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Unlocking The Future

The Power of Ideas was true to its name. Scouting for and supporting path breaking ideas, it energised India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in the last decade and unlocked a wave of ideation, innovation, disruption and impact.

Conceptualised and championed by three stakeholders — the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Government of India, The Economic Times and CIIE.CO — The Power of Ideas chose ‘ideas’ as the fulcrum around which an entrepreneurial ecosystem could be constructed and nurtured.

We now bring you a peek to this decade-long journey of disruptive impact, of ideas and innovators, in the form of a book — ‘Unlocking The Future.’ While the first half gives an insider’s view of the meticulous process of scouting, mentoring and training, the second half showcases inspiring stories of some of the ideas and entrepreneurs who graduated from the program.

Over the next coming weeks, beginning tomorrow we will share with you a glimpse of the inspiration captured within its pages. Meet the founders we met, in a postcard. Expect us to introduce you to their ideas — in humour and wit. Celebrate their journey — courage, joys, milestones, growth, challenges and much more.

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